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Phan Pagniez Instagram updates March 2018

Its been aged since the last time he updated his instagram hahaha

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Q&A Phan Pagniez #3

1. fdymrsyd_
– please pass my love for him
#Love received! Pass it back!
– please tell phan that I was hoping to meet him really soon.
#I also hope so!
– can you ask phan to make a video record for me? I will think it as healing for my body.
Even it’s just saying “hello”. I’ll be happy if you can do that but if not,then it’s ok, i still love you fully ❤ thankyou!💙
*tell me where to send it hopefully it will help!

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Phan Pagniez Instagram Updates 180214-15


Happy Valentine’s day Phanatics ❤

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Phan Pagniez Instagram Update 180127-30

180127 insta story update

@phan_pagniez 's insta story update 180127 #PhanPagniez #Phanatics

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Q&A Phan Pagniez #2

If you have questions for Phan that he didnt answer it on his live, you can dm me on instagram @Phanatics_intl , i will gather the questions and send it to Phan 🙂

1. Immbharti
-have you ever watched a bollywood movie?
-Yes I have, a long time ago.

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